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Get ready for a fun and fabulous experience of your life with the Diamond Painting Kit…

Relax, Calm, and Unwind with Each Kit of Diamond Painting.

Paint with diamonds and bring out the artist in you. The gorgeous, sparkling diamond painting will adorn your house.

Decorating your house with a painting you made by hand and with love, is a great experience.

Choose this painting for a fool-proof, mistake-proof diamond painting experience. You can select this painting or take a look at our wide collection to choose a painting that is perfect for you.

Our Diamond Painting Kits ‘All-in-One Full Drill Sets’.

Each kit comes with an HD canvas with a smooth and velvety finish and your collection of vivid, dazzling diamonds. You will also get diamond painting tools.

Our high-quality tools are designed to make your activity more fun, super easy and super fast.


  • Self-Adhesive HD Canvas – in your desired sizes
  • Diamond Applicator Pen –comes with every set
  • Set of Tweezers – comes with every set
  • Tray to sort Diamonds – a great way of keeping diamonds organized
  • Glue—the best quality glue, perfect for diamond painting
  • Labeled bags of diamonds—in colors according to the painting.

You also get Diamond Painting ® Guarantee…

  • We offer extra diamonds with each set.
  • Our professional tools are effective and efficient.
  • The material of our diamonds doesn’t fade.
  • The edges are never rough or unfinished.
  • Our packages are wrapped with precision and care.

Why Diamond Painting??

With Diamond Painting you get:

  • A no-excuse 30 days Return Policy
  • 100% Diamond Painting ® Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Services Support
  • Safe payments via Stripe® & Paypal
  • Tracking number for every order
  • We use encrypted SSL certificates for 100% security.