What Is Diamond Painting? – Tips & Tricks on How to Do It

Don’t have any clues what is diamond painting or how to do it? We are going to explain to you each and everything about it and some useful tips as well. Diamond painting is a new invention in the world of craft, and you will have the most enjoyable experience. This kind of painting is gaining popularity because of its uniqueness.

Painting with diamonds is a form of mosaic art. The painter will have a canvas with a certain pattern and other accessories for working on it. In fact, you will have the sparkling beads with the diamond painting in several colors that you have to stick on the canvas with the applicator and glue. For the painters ease, the canvas has certain numbers on it, which will make the painting easier, and less time taking. However, the size of the canvas will depend on your choice. You can create the most beautiful craft and gift it to your loved ones.

Thrilled to know more about diamond art painting? Let's delve!

How To Do Diamond Painting Without Any Experience?

Having no experience but wanting to try the diamond painting? Well, it is not difficult as other forms of art. You will have all the instructions for doing the diamond painting. This painting will take a lot of time, but the results are too much satisfying. With diamond art, you will have a healthier way of investing time.

Not only that, you will have a pleasurable leisure time to spend. And the good news? You can use the diamond painting to spend quality time with fellows. Once you start doing diamond painting, it will make you addicted. You will have the most creative thing to do in your free time.

What Is Diamond Art?

The diamond painting is as impressive as it looks by its name. You will not have difficulty in doing it whether you are working with the rhinestones for the very first time or not. This mosaic art requires a lot of time, but you will enjoy doing the painting on the canvas with the drills.

You will have the high quality diamond kits from our review. Another great thing about the diamond painting is that it involves colors that soothe the crafter's eyes. The beads are gleaming, and you will have a lot of letters or numbers on the canvas for sticking them conveniently.

It is essential to follow the pattern on canvas, and you have to complete the painting whenever you are free. Do not urge yourself to complete the painting in one sitting because it will make you frustrated.

You must be thinking about how to start diamond painting, and what will be the stuff in the kit? You will have the complete details below in our guide.

So continue reading it till the end for a flawless crafting experience with the rhinestones. Firstly, we will discuss the stuff that you will get in the kit of diamond art.

Diamond Painting Instructions: The Kit

No matter which brand you buy the diamond painting kit, they come with similar accessories. However, the material or quality of drills will vary from one company to another. You will have excellent quality material for exercises from our brand. For your satisfaction, check our customer reviews.

The Diamond painting kit will include several accessories that are required for making the painting. You will have an exciting experience, and it is excellent for doing as a hobby. Crafting has several benefits that we will discuss below in our guide. It will surely help those who are going through sheer frustration.

Most of the diamond kits will come with the following material, and you can buy additional items if needed.

1.   The Canvas

The canvas is the most important part of the diamond painting because you cannot craft without it. Moreover, you will have a consistent painting experience if the canvas has good quality. The canvas should be completely flattened so you can work on it easily.

Furthermore, the diamond painting canvas comes with several shapes, and you will have various color options. Not only that, the diamond painting canvas has customizable options too. You can choose your favorite picture for painting.

The diamond painting canvas will have the printed material and you will have a particular pattern to attach drills with it. In fact, the canvas comes with one layer of glue, and you can stick the exercises conveniently on them.

You will have the adhesive in the kit, but the diamond painting canvas's sticky layer will make the work easier. The diamonds will not fall off the canvas quickly.

2.   The Diamonds

The diamonds will come in round and square shapes. You can choose between the two shapes of the canvas. However, the kits will come with several color options, and you will have great packaging. The drills have sparkling material, and it has some prints as well.

The color of drills will be of your choice too. You can choose the diamond painting drills with the different color options so that they can be recognized and pasted on the canvas. The painting should have more details for making it mesmerizing for the eyes. You can choose the

3.   The Tray for Holding the Rhinestones

The tray of diamond painting will have durable plastics material that you can use for holding the drills. Not only that, you will have a convenient crafting experience with the drills that are organized in the tray.

You will have the dripped corner, and it will help the user to hold it conveniently. You can easily put back the drills in the box from the tray corner after completing the painting.

4.   Diamond Paint Applicator Tool

The diamond paint applicator tool will help the crafter to attach the drills on canvas easily. You will have a convenient method of attaching the devices because the applicator has a cylindrical shape. The applicator is also known as a pen for diamond painting.

The applicators come with a hollow tip so they can easily hold the beads. You have to apply the wax on the applicator's nib first and then attach the dots.

The painting kit will only have one piece of equipment with it. You have to choose the crafting pen among various designs. Choose the diamond painting on a large canvas, and you will have great color options as well.

You will have a large painting area, and the pen will help attach the drills in the most convenient way.

5.   Glue and Wax for Sticking the Beads

The glue in the painting kit is very sticky, and it will hold the beads for a long time. You will have a convenient method of attaching the drills with the pen and adhesive.

The glue comes with the stickier material, and you will have a large quantity of the glue. However, the quality of glue will vary from one brand of diamond painting to another.

Though you can consider it from our company to have the subpar quality of all the diamond painting accessories, buying a diamond paint kit from a cheap brand will not provide the flattened canvas or stickier glue.

Problems to Avoid While Buying a Diamond Painting Kit

There are some problems that you can avoid while buying the diamond painting kit for the first time. You have to choose the diamond painting kit that provides extra material so you don't run out of stuff while crafting.

Our company will provide a picture of how a diamond painting kit will look. You will have the zip locking bags, and you can quickly secure the beads. Look at the description of the diamond painting kit before buying it.

The content in the description will provide you with similar accessories. You can go for a larger painting canvas for crafting that is larger than 12 by 14 size. However, the beginners should go with a smaller canvas size. For having the comfortable experience of preparing, you need to choose the right size of the canvas.

Ensure that you buy the diamond painting kit with complete accessories. Also, check everything when it arrives at your place.

How to Diamond Paint?

The diamond paint kit will arrive at your door step. But you have to be familiar with the diamond painting before starting it. Follow the steps below to become proficient at painting with diamonds.

Things to Do Before Starting Painting

·       Prepare the Right Amount Of Space

Before you start the painting, ensure that there is enough working space. There should not be any kind of distraction in between the painting. The area for diamond painting should be wide enough, and you have to keep the drills away from children who are below 6.

·       Arrange the Painting Kit

Next, the painter should organize the painting kit, so there is no inconvenience while working. It is crucial that you sort out the painting drills before. The beads should be arranged; otherwise, you will have difficulty in finding them. Most of the crafters like to paint on a flat surface, and it will be best if you choose any flattened surface for doing the work on canvas effortlessly.

Furthermore, you can buy a light pad for diamond painting, so there is not any inconvenience with the surface and lighting around you.

·       Know the Symbols for Painting

You have to know the symbols for painting before attaching the drills on the canvas. Look for similar symbols on the drills before sticking them on the canvas. The painting experience will make it convenient when you know where to attach the symbols and how.

How to Start Diamond Painting?

·       Pick the Diamonds First

The diamond painting starts with an organization. You have to arrange the space and the canvas correctly. Now take out the canvas and then pour the drills on the tray. You have to organize the beads on the tray as per your choice. Shake the diamonds to have the right side on the top.

·       Peel the Canvas

Now you have to peel the canvas by one corner. Ensure that you are peeling the top layer only, and the sticky layer should be present on the canvas. In case if the sticky layer is peeled off, you can put back the peel on canvas and press it. Now take off one layer from the canvas only.

·       Choose the Right Diamonds

You have to choose the right diamonds and dip them in the wax with the help of an applicator. Fill the tip of the pen with the adhesive and then apply diamonds to it. You can use the hands to pick the beads as well.

·       Attach the Diamonds on the Canvas

Now that you have picked the diamonds from the tray start applying them on the right pattern. You have to ensure that the applicator has enough wax for sticking the beads. Ensure that you are sticking the stones with their front face.

·       Repeat the Crafting Process Now

Now you have to repeat the whole process of applying the diamonds on the canvas for completing the entire painting. The diamond painting should be covered with tape on the sides to give a finalized look.

How to Frame Diamond Painting?

You can frame the diamond painting for hanging it on the wall. The painting will last for many years if you prepare it. Furthermore, the painting will not lose any drills if it is covered.

Benefits of Diamond Painting?

After reading half of our guide, you will have enough information about the diamond painting. You will have the special benefits of diamond painting. If you don't know about the diamond painting guide, it might make you stunned.

Whenever you will take out the beads for diamond painting, it will give a great feeling, and you will have a sense of achievement after doing the painting with your hands.

1.     Improves the Concentration Level

Painting with the beads will improve the concentration level. You can perform better with the other tasks after giving some time to diamond painting in a day. It is great for the adults and kids who do not have the longer spans of staying attentive.

2.     Reduces Anxiety

You can blow the anxiety away with the diamond painting. It requires complete attention, and you can quickly reduce stress as well. This kind of crafting will make your mind free of thoughts. Best of all, it will let you to spend some time without using the phone.

Another great thing about diamond painting is that you will have a better bond with the others who are painting with you. It will also improve mood.

3.     Diamond Painting Improves the Motor Skills

The diamond painting will improve the user's motor skills, and you will have a better memory. Not only that, you can have the help of kids who are above 6.

4.     Painting with the Diamonds Enhances Learning

The diamond painting will enhance the learning skills, and you will have the better development of movements with hands. Moreover, you will be improving the habits of learning with diamonds.

5.     Enhances the Discipline in Person

You can enhance the discipline by doing the painting with diamonds. Not only that, you will have the best therapy, and it will help you to invest time in useful things. The habit of diamond painting will help the person to become engaged in a healthy activity.

The benefits of diamond painting involve mental relaxation. And that's not all, and the diamond painting will make the person have a sense of success after completing the whole painting.

How to Organize the Diamond Painting Kit?

If you have tried diamond painting before, you must know how tough it is to find the right diamond. It is crucial that you organize the diamonds and then start working on the canvas.

And that's not all, and you have to check if the supplies are complete and you can complete the work with the accessories that are leftover.

However, the kit will include all the accessories that are needed for completing the painting. Though, if you think the beads are less than ordering a few more dots. For the new users, this section of organizing the beads while working will be helpful.

As you know, the purpose of diamond painting is to provide the user peace of mind. You have to keep the drills organized and then work on the canvas. However, if the canvas is not straight, you can keep it under the bed's mattress for some time and then take it out after a few hours. 

1.     You Can Label the Drills

If you label the drills before working with them, it will save you time. You can easily choose the exercises of the right color. Especially if you are having drills of very similar color than arrange them from dark to light color.

You have to label the drills and then keep them for future use. Without the right labels, you will have difficulty finding them for the next diamond painting session.

2.     Take the Old Boxes for Keeping All the Accessories of the Diamond Painting

You have to take our accessories from the packaging and then keep them in any old box. You can keep the beads in separate boxes, so their shine doesn't fade away. Or you can buy any tins for storing the drills and then keep them for having organized accessories for your crafting.

3.     Make Art with the Beads Which Were Left

Some of the people do not keep the additional beads once the painting is completed. You should not throw away the extra beads because it will help create other kinds of crafts or arrange them in any other way.

Other than that, you can use the left of diamonds for making any kind of mosaic. Or you can use the beads for decorating the notebooks or any other decorations pieces.

4.     Keep the Drills of Diamond Painting Separate

If you have bought the canvas of diamond painting in a large size than you have to keep the drills in an organized way because it will take a longer time to complete. Keeping the drills in a separate area will help them organize and pick them without any effort. The diamond painting comes with a whole kit that you can use for keeping the drills.

5.     Multi-Purposes Organizer of Supplies

There are several multiple purposes of organizer supplies in the market. You will have the most adjustable slots, and it will make the picking of diamonds easier. The supplies of storing the beads will be affordable. You can make a kit for keeping all the painting accessories, so there is no inconvenience while crafting next time.

Useful Tips for Diamond Painting

Now we are going to tell you some useful tips for diamond painting that will make the crafting experience even more fun and convenient.

Tip 1: Choose the Right Kit for You

Haven't bought a diamond painting kit before? You need to choose the equipment very carefully. Ensure that the size of the canvas is ideal for you to work on.

However, you will be able to handle the diamond painting with care when the canvas is not too large. The beginners should prefer buying a canvas that is not so broad.

Choose the beads of different colors so you can craft with care and place the beads with utmost accuracy. The beads which have similar colors will make the crafting difficult. Thus, it is crucial that you choose the drills which suit your skills.

Tip 2: Get the Wax Back On the Canvas

Sometimes, when you are peeling the canvas, the wax layer keeps the beads stick on them peels. Most of the users face the peeled layer issue and could not stick the beads. You will have a convenient solution by pressing the peeled layer back on the canvas and then peeling it from any other side.

In this way, you can have the wax layer on the canvas back. However, if the diamond painting doesn't have any adhesive layer, it means you had a faulty canvas.

Tip 3: Flatten the Canvas Completely

You have to make the canvas flat altogether for working on it quickly. You will not have the complete flattened canvas when it arrives. Thus, you need to press something on the canvas to make it flat completely.

Peel the covering back, and then you have to press the canvas from the sides, so there is no unevenness when working on it.

Tip 4: Start the Painting from the Top Most Side

The diamond painting is convenient to do if you start from the top side. You have to check if the right corner is convenient than the left. So, which color or side is suitable for you? If you work from the top side, it will not let the beads slip away.

Tip 5: Prevent the Static Charges with the Dryer Sheets

You will have some static charges with the dryer sheets, and to prevent it, you have to add them back on the canvas. The charges will make the diamond painting even more difficult. To remove the static charges, you have to add the dryer sheets.

Tip 6: Prevent the Bubbles Made By Air on Your Canvas

You can prevent the bubbles made by air on the canvas with a small blade. You can also use a pin for cutting the air on your canvas. Moreover, you have to remove the bubbles from the pin without damaging the canvas.

All these tips for diamond painting will help and make the process of crafting quicker and more comfortable. You will have a better accomplishment feeling too.


There are some questions that beginner crafters will surely ask. For clearing your confusion before you begin crafting, we have piled up the answers. Read on!

What Makes The Diamond Beads Sparkly?

The diamond painting comes with shiny beads. If you are buying the 5D beads, they will sparkle more, and you will have high quality beads.

What Is The Most Important Step While Doing The Diamond Art Painting?

The most important step while doing the diamond art painting is placing the beads. You have to follow the right pattern for sticking the beads, and you have to choose the right colors for making the best final look.

Which Size Of Canvas Should I Buy For Painting With The Beads?

The canvas size for crafting will be available in comprehensive options. You will have a detailed look with the larger size of the canvas. However, beginners can buy a smaller canvas size. If you are trying for the first time, you can go with the smaller canvas option. However, the larger size of canvas painting will be mesmerizing to see, and you will have a variety of beads to add to it. The craft lovers should buy the larger canvas so they can show their skills.

Is There Any Difference Between The 5D And 3D Diamonds?

There is just a difference in numbers before the 3D and 5D diamonds. The facets of diamonds will vary between the 3D and 5D diamonds. However, the diamonds with more number of facets will shine brighter.

What Will I Get With The Kit Of Diamond Painting?

The diamond paint kit comes with small differences. You have to choose the size of the canvas as per your need. Moreover, the other things in the painting kit will be the same. You will have a tray for holding the drills, glue for sticking the beads, and a pen for easily attaching the beads with the wax on canvas. And that's not all, and the resin diamond beads come in several color options.

Why Are There Two Kinds Of Drills?

Yes, there are two kinds of drills, and you can buy any of them. The use of drills is similar, no matter which shape they have. You have to pick the beads and then place them on the canvas's right place. You will have the shinier surface of both kinds of drills.

How Can I Use The Adhesive Of The Diamond Painting Kit?

The adhesive in the diamond paint kit is for sticking the beads on the canvas. You can use the glue with the pen, and you will have the convenient peel off the cover of glue, and let you dip in the wax.

The diamond painting kit's adhesive is a lot sticky, and it will not let the beads drop, and you can easily stick beads with it. You can dip the diamond paint pen in the adhesive, and the tip should be filled with wax.

What Should I Do After Completing The Diamond Painting?

Once you have completed the diamond painting, you need to frame it, so there isn't any debris in it after many years. You can buy the frames from the diamond painting from our site as well. Framing the beads will make them last longer, and you can hang them on the wall easily.

To Sum Up

All in all, diamond painting is the most convenient way to make customizable crafting. You can convert your picture into a masterpiece. Not only that, diamond crafting has several health benefits due to which you should give it a try as well.

Even if you don't have any experience in doing diamond painting, following the tips from our guide will surely help. Also, buy other accessories of diamond painting for having the most enjoyable painting experience and developing a habit of doing it in leisure time. We recommend diamond art painting for kids as well as adults.

Thanks for the read!

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