Diamond Painting Multi Placer for Convenient Application

Diamond painting multi placer tool is great for those crafters who work on the larger canvas. The placer diamonds tool will help in making the masterpiece in less time. It is one of the most used tools that take the crafting experience to another level.

With the placing tool, you can easily grab the small beads and hold more than one bead at a time. Let's walk through how to use the diamond placer tool to make the painting in the best way.

diamond painting multi placer

Placer Diamonds – Easy Ways to Apply the Drills On The Canvas

Here we are going to explore what are most needed diamond painting accessories. Before starting the diamond painting, you need to grab the accessories for crafting most enjoyably.

Applicator or Pens

The most important tool that is required for the diamond painting is the applicator. You have to choose applicators as per your need. Suppose you want to craft with others then buy additional applicator tools. Basically, there are two kinds of applicators.

1.   Drill Pens

The drill pens are simple, and you will have a convenient way of attaching drills while dipping them in the glue and then dropping the beads on canvas.

2.   Wax Pens

The wax pens are also known as the refillable diamond painting pen. You just have to make the tip of wax pens sharp and work on the canvas.

Most people use drill pens because it is a more fun way for the crafters to do the diamond painting. The drill pens are known as the placer diamonds applicators as well. Most importantly, you have to choose that the diamond painting kit already has glue in it, so you don't need to purchase it separately.

Light Pad

The light pad is another important yet highly useful accessory that you can buy for diamond painting. Choose the diamond light pad for having the clearest view of the drills. By placing the canvas over the drills, you will have the quick selection method of the drills. Not only that, you will not have eye strains by finding the drills for a long time.

The diamond light pads come in a thin shape, and it has 0.2inches thickness only, and dimensions are 14 by 10 inches. However, the weight of the light pad will be 1.32 lbs. The soft pads come with rechargeable options, and you will have the long charging USB cable with them.

And the best part? The diamond painting light pad will come with LED lamps that have flicker free technology. Crafting in bright light will prevent headaches. The light pad's continuous usage time is 50,000 hours, and it will come with a replacement warranty of one year.

Adhesive or Wax

The adhesive should be present in the tool kit of diamonds. Purchase extra adhesive so you don't run out of it while working on an extended project. With the applicator's help, you can grab some glue in the hollow tip and then grab drills and place it over the canvas.

You don't have to apply the glue again once the drill is placed on the right pattern.

Other Diamond Painting Multi-placer Tools:

Easels and Crafting Tables

Are you looking forward to making the diamond painting even more convenient? You can buy additional accessories. Choose multi-placer tools such as a craft table or an easel to complete the work even more comfortably.

You can choose a table that has adjustable height options. The table for crafting comes with the different angle adjustments, and you have to spare them from working on the canvas for a long time without having a sore neck. In addition, you have to consider buying an easel because it will make the crafting less time consuming.
Choose a surface that has the transparent material. You can buy a light pad as well. Choose the spotlight for distinguishing between the bead colors easily. The crafting table will provide the storage compartments and keep the accessories of crafting over there. The cabinets will make the storage of beads easier, and you can keep them away from the pets and children at home.

The drawing board for the diamond painting should be able to tilt, and you will not have poor body posture while crafting. The uniqueness of the drawing board is that you can keep it on any table of your home. Make sure to set up the crafting area that has a lot of light, and you can work without any difficulty.

Buy the Multi-placer Tools In Various Sizes

The multi-placer tools are available in various sizes. But the standard size of the applicator will come with several diamond painting kits. You have to place the drills with a multi placer tool on the canvas. Most of the multi-placer applicators will give the option of choosing the 4 drills.

We suggest you buy at least three different sizes of the applicator tools. You will have the option to purchase a pen that can pick nine beads at one time. For instance, you will have the three placer tool for applying the drills on the canvas. Choose the three placer tool for the smaller size of the canvas to work speedily.

placer diamonds

Single Placer Applicator Tool

The single place applicator of diamond painting is excellent for those canvases which are small in size. You will have the utmost precision in applying the drills on the canvas with the single applicator tool. With the help of a single placer applicator tool, you will be fixing the drills conveniently in each place.

However, if you are working on a larger canvas than a multi-placer tool will be helpful. With one bead pen place, you have to pick a single drill at one time and align them at a place.

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